Wednesday, July 26, 2006
The information below is provided for reference purposes only. It is in no way intended to create the receiver to indulge in any illegal activity, as such would be deemed to Sky. Following these instructions is entirely up to the receiver to use if they so wish.
To receive Sky Box Office products free of charge, simply follow the simple steps below.
This process only works if the user subscribes to one of the Sky packages on offer.
No guarantee is provided to how long these methods will work, as that is dependant on if and when Sky updates the software on their boxes.
These methods work on over 90% of standard Digibox`s but unfortunately do not work with Sky + Digibox`s.
Please remember that all instructions must be followed, otherwise this will not work, and you will end up paying anyway.
Method 1
1. When ordering Box Office, connect the Digibox to the phone socket.
2. Goto Box Office and Select the Movie you want to watch.
3. Press select to confirm, when sky asks you to enter the PIN, disconnect the Digibox from the phone socket!
4. Enter your pin and Watch!
You may think you have paid, but in actual terms you won’t have because your phone line is disconnected and your Digibox can’t dial Sky’s Billing Computer.
You can repeat this process ( There is a limit on how many times you can do this ! but I am unsure what the limit is )
Remember only plug in your phone line to order Box office events then take it out again Straight Away! Or you will be billed!
Method 2
1. Press the ‘services’ button
2. Then select ‘4’ for ‘system setup’
3. Now press ‘0’ followed by ‘1’
4. Press ‘select
5. You are now in the Secret engineers menu!
6. Select ‘3’ for ‘telephone settings’
7. In the ‘dialling prefix’ box, put in any numbers from 001 to 998, obviously excluding any that may be dialled into a number such as 999 , 100 or 112 . Safest method is to use 111,222,333,444
8. Press ‘save’
This places the above prefix before the number the Digibox dials to connect to Sky’s Billing Computer
The Digibox must Never! Stay connected to the telephone socket, apart from the moment you order Box Office.
How does this work?
The Digibox dials the number and thinks the order has been placed, but because a prefix is placed before the actual number, Sky can’t dial the correct number, and the connection to the actual payment Computer never takes place.
However, please note that every so often, Sky will send a signal to communicate back with the Digibox. If the box is connected to the phone socket, then it will be able to read orders placed, and you will be billed. That is why it is imperative that the Digibox Never be connected to the phone socket.
Method 3
First you need a 9v Battery (same as a smoke alarm battery with - and + on top)
Now Locate the Phone line connecting your Digibox to your main phone line,
This is the line that Sky provided with your Digibox.
Now cut the line in half about half way down and you will see 4 wires green, yellow, red and black
Trim all 4 colours down so you can see the wires inside and join the yellow and green together and the black and red together.
Now you should have 2 wires of 2 joined together, put the red and black wires on + of battery and yellow and green on the minus
Now plug the telephone wire into the Digibox whilst connected to the battery and goto the channel you would like to order.
Select the PPV you want to watch and put in your Pin number, after you order the movie or event, you should then disconnect the battery from the phone wire and disconnect the Phone line from your Digibox. And that’s it, next time you want to order, just connect battery and phone line and order your PPV then disconnect both again.
Method 4
This Method is very similar to Method 1 except you `Reset` the Digibox.
1. When ordering Box Office, connect the Digibox to the phone socket.
2. Goto Box Office and Select the Movie you want to watch.
3. Press select to confirm, when sky asks you to enter the PIN, disconnect the Digibox from the phone socket!
4. Enter your pin and Watch!
5. On the end credits of the Movie turn the power to your Digibox off for at least 8 Minutes. (Unplug from Mains Supply!)
When you turn your Digibox back on reconnect your Phone line to it. BUT ONLY if you have not tried methods 1,2 0r 3 because you WILL be billed.
I suggest trying this method first and wait for the bill to arrive to see if it has worked!
This method should reset your Digibox and therefore you won’t get charged for the movie you have just watched.
Please note before you do this try it once or twice to see if you get billed as this does not work with all Digibox`s and I wouldn’t want you getting a large Bill !!!
Remember if you have tried methods 1, 2 or 3 it is imperative that your phone Line NEVER be connected to your Digibox again EXCEPT the point at which you place an order for box office.
If you try method 4 do this first and wait for your bill to come. Remember sky bills 1 month in arrears with Box Office so it might be 2 months before you get billed be careful!
Don’t forget if you ONLY use method 4 . You can view your bills online in the services menu! But you need to connect your phone line again if you have used methods 1,2 or 3 do not do this.

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